• Black Economic Empowerment

NM Technologies is a black owned enterprise with a BEE status Level 1 Contributor and practices broad-based empowerment. Our approach to Black Economic Empowerment is focused at 6 levels, i.e.

  • Ownership

NM Technologies is a 100% Black Woman Owned Enterprise owned by Mrs. Ayanda Nxaba

  • Board level representation

3 (60%) of the 5 Managers are males and 5 (100%) of the 5 Managers are Employment Equity representatives (2 African males, 1 Indian Male and 2 African female)

  • Staff composition

NM Technologies employs 22 permanent staff, and employs temp staff on a needs basis (As and when contracts come up).

  • Staff and skills development

Due to the frequent changes in our industries, our staff attends training and conferences in the latest developments in the industry.

  • Procurement / suppliers

The company’s procurement policy is focused on spending a significant portion of our operational budget, securing services and products from SMME enterprises and BEE companies.

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